TV-ing abroad for Expats & Travellers

Access the satellites and watch free-to-air TV from ‘home’

Free-to-air TV from your country is freely available, all you need is the special equipment. Become a member and we will equip you so you can watch Telly ‘from home’ abroad.

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With your PC, Laptop, TV box, Tablet, Phone or TV. Real-time, unaltered, no ads, just plain TV abroad ‘from home’ to stay in touch with your own culture, language and compatriots.


We believe borders should never separate you from home.

It is our mission to ensure Free-to-air TV stays remains accessible for Everyone,
Anywhere and Always. Join us today for only €4 mo. or €48 a year.

(Membership includes a nominal fee to provide “shared” access to FTA satellite broadcast)